This is a hand painted box with a bed of moss inside. Made for the Triple Moon Goddess(Hekate), to honor the Mother Maiden and Crone. Divine Feminine Moon energy for bringing conscious awareness, insights, opening the Third eye, healing the shadow and more. Included is a Wild Mugwort smoke bundle. Burned, mugwort has been used for centuries to honor the Goddess and dive deeper into Moon/Night magic. Mugwort is a deeply feminine plant, opening us up to healing and also working with the Shadow self. Also included is my Scorpio Full Moon Iris flower essence bottle. This is used for honoring the Goddess as well as bringing about transformation, wisdom, inner Divinity and more. A tumbled Aventurine stone comes with this box too, for opening the heart and honoring the love in everything. This box can be what you make of it! Put things in and take things out, and use it as you see fit. 

Triple Moon Box

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