Scorpio Full Supermoon plus Iris flowers. What a Divine combination! Iris flowers have been used for wisdom, divinity, channeling the Triple Moon Goddess, transformation and in Lore for helping the dead to the Underworld. The Scorpio Full Moon of 2020 is the last supermoon of an energetic portal. It brings about major transitions and transformation. It is bringing heavy energy to the surface so we can shed. Things are no longer hiding beneath the surface, it is time to face our challenges head on, but with calm and serene energy. This essence is a stock bottle(1/2 water, 1/2 vodka, 30 drops Iris mother essence.) It can be taken 3-9 drops at a time on the tongue or in water. This is a vibrational medicine which targets the subtle body. You may feel mood shifts, positive energy, more calm, and open. 

Scorpio Moon Iris Essence

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