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This is a hand painted wooden box with moss glued in the bottom. It contains the Living Awareness incense blend(1 oz bag), Morning Glory and Amethyst Essence(1 oz bottle), and crystals: desert rose selenite, rough rose quartz and a green opal palmstone. This box was made with Reiki healing flowing through it during the whole process. I made it with the intention for emotional health and well being. We all need rainbows! The clouds on the outside symbolize objects in life that "cloud" our path, and the rainbow on the inside is for transcending these object to use them to heal us. The products that come in the box I chose intuitively for this purpose of emotional healing. All of the crystals target the heart chakra and are deeply healing and comforting. The Morning Glory Amethyst Essence is used for emotional healing, balance, and the crown chakra. I feel it has very overall cleansing energy. The incense blend is for opening the third eye, seeing clearly, balancing our energies, and walking in the dreamtime/astral projecting. 

You can also add more of your personal sacred items to make this a great functioning Altar box!

Stormy Altar Box

  • Item will be packaged and shipped 7-10 days within ordering. 

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