Hemp/linen fabric dream pillows. Botanically dyed and hand sewn, stuffed with herbs and crystals with flower essences. These pillows have been hand crafted with much love and Reiki for you to get the best sleep experience you can. Dream pillows are good for anyone, but especially if you have nightmares or would like to lucid dream(control or be aware of dreamstate). These pillows bring comfort to the emotional and spiritual bodies while sleeping. Just put one under your pillow and have a restful sleep!
Each color has its own herbal blend and theme. 
Calming Blue: Passionflower, california poppy, lavender, chamomile, rose, hops. For sleeping easier and deeper, nightmares, and relaxation. 
Lucid Orange: skullcap, uva ursi, angelica, vervain, mugwort, hops. For gaining more awareness of self in dreams, seeing messages, making connections, and traveling in the dreamstate. 

Dream Pillows

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