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Daffodils have been used for a long time to enhance joy, happiness, good luck and fertility. This Daffodil Flower Essence was made ritually and infused with Reiki and surrounded by citrine and other crystals. The energy it has is very uplifting, and definitely has that transformational spring energy. The bottle you will get is a Stock bottle, 1/2 spring water, 1/2 brandy and a little bit of the Daffodil mother essence. This is the safest way to take a flower essence, and you can dilute further if you want. You only have to take a few drops to feel the energy! Remember to remain open to it, and know that this is vibrational medicine, and this is not an extraction of the plant matter, only the essence. 

Daffodil Flower Essence

  • Items are bottled and shipped out with 7-10 days of ordering. 

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