Working with Water

Water takes up 71% of Earth and 60% of our bodies. It is in rain, snow, rivers, oceans, and in our tears. Water is the embodiment of emotions. Flowing constantly, high and low, fast and slow. Water is also cleansing. Washing negative and stagnant energy away. It is conducive. Enhancing and spreading manifesting energies. Water is an amazing element to work with.

One can work with water in various ways for an array of reasons. I listed some reasons above, but how can one work with water?

One way is to pour a glass of water, while also pouring your intention into the water. Enjoy drinking that love filled water!

Another way is to collect rain! This is one of my favorite ways to get water and work with this energy. My preferred collecting time is during a big thunderstorm, I even have hurricane water stored! These energies are extremely potent. Filled with strength, courage, emotions, control, this kind of rain water can be used to enhance many spells, rituals and workings. It is also a power cleansing water that can be washed over crystals and other items.

I also enjoy during meditation in times of needing to feel more deeply, I run some rain water on the middle of my chest.

You can also collect snow and place it inside until it melts and store. I like doing this and watching it melt on my personal altar as I meditate during a snowy day. It's pretty relaxing and comforting. Snow has more potent introspection energy. As it comes during Winter, it is used for internal workings like past trauma, emotional blocks and more.

If you want to get really specific with the water energy you can collect it at different places during different days and seasons. Water is in tune with nature and the seasons, so snow or winter rain will be more for releasing where as spring rain and thunderstorm water will be more for love, refreshing and new beginnings.

Always go with what feels right for you and your practice!

Blessed Be.

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