Why is grounding so important?

What is grounding?

Even though it is the same term, the grounding I am talking about is not what parents do to kids who get in trouble.

Grounding is simply rooting one's energy into the earth.

This is best done by walking barefoot in nature. Sink your toes into grass, sand, dirt or water. Feel that earthy goodness connecting your being to mama earth. But, if you can't get outside you can still ground yourself! Imagine roots flowing from the base of your spine and digging deep into the earth. Feel the energetic transfer between you and the earth.

So why should you ground yourself?

Well, grounding can reduce anxiety so much, it can give you more energy, puts positive energy in you, and helps with many other physical things.

We are full of positive ions. The earth is full of negative ions. When we ground ourselves in nature, there is an energetic transfer done to help us relieve dis-ease from our beings.

I ground myself in the mornings when I wake up, throughout the day when I can remember, and before I go to sleep. This helps me personally keep my anxiety and mood in check. As someone who used to suffer from depression and anxiety, this practice is probably the biggest thing that has helped me.

I hope this helps you as well. Much love, Blessed Be!

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