Why go Natural?

Natural living is no longer a normal thing in our society. We have filled up on artificial foods and medicine and jammed a barrier between us and nature. We now, collectively, are suffering. Our Earth is dying. Our bodies have never been more sick. Our minds have been perverted.

This separation between man and nature has done nothing but harm, so how can we fix it?

We can start by grounding ourselves. Truly rooting our present existence into the Earth. Standing barefoot on the grass or dirt grounds up. We are full of positive ions, which are actually not so good. The Earth is full of negative ions. When we connect with the Earth we receive more negative ions to help balance us out.

We should also listen to the Earth. The Earth knows how to heal, she can teach us so many things if we just listen.

Using natural herbs and foods can help us connect with nature as well. This can help our physical, mental, spiritual bodies as well as the Earth. I tried modern medicine to heal myself of mental and physical problems, nothing helped. What did help was herbs, and meditation with the Earth. So many of the pesticides, artificial flavors, GMOs have damaged humans and the Earth to a breaking point. So, cutting out harsh artificial chemicals from our lives also helps us heal from it's damage.

It doesn't have to be extreme. Being "natural" and "holistic" doesn't mean to shun modern medicine, science and technology. It means to connect more with nature. It means to use her gifts to us more respectfully.

We can blend the two worlds. We just have to start with what we feel is best for ourselves, but we have to actually start.

Peace and love to you, if you need help finding natural alternatives connect with me!


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Blessed Be.

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