Why am I Vegan?

Vegan. Veganism. Plant based. Vegetarian. Extremists. There are many labels that are put on people who don't consume animal products. Some people say we are crazy, others say we are heros. I say, going vegan is a choice that one can make. But why? My journey began when I was about 17 years old. I had intestinal issues and wanted to be healthier. This was also when I started becoming conscious of the unecessary harm done to animals. So, I cut out meat. This was really difficult living with a parent who ate meat, but my mom worked with me. I tried lots of new food, before this point I had no idea what quinoa was(crazy right!?). So I was a vegetarian for awhile. After I met my love and got pregnant, I ended up consuming meat again. I think this was because I really wasn't all that educated on the subject at that point, and my pregnancy was really stressful on top of the people around me being omnivores. I just couldn't continue. So I ate meat during my pregnancy. But now if I ever get pregnant again, I have the education, recipes and support to stay vegan! Then, after my son, Jasper was born I slowly weaned off of it again. I started educating myself of the subject even more, and found better recipes to keep me sustained. After moving out of my mother's house it was by far easier to handle. My husband hopped on board quickly after educating him on the harm eating meat causes. Then, we both got into a "vegan mindset". We started seeing the ridiculousness eating meat causes. Animal products are everywhere! They are in everything and the propaganda is overwhelming After awhile of noticing the hysteria with meat, dairy products followed, and then clothing. We finally went completely vegan, after months of weaning off of dairy. It took a few weeks of ickiness from detoxing but then our bodies felt so much better. From physical, to mental and to spiritual, we both could feel a huge difference. I personally went Vegetarian for the animals, then vegan for the animals, environment and lesser so myself. A big issue is violence. I grew up abused. I grew up ANGRY. I was always angry, with everything. I was triggered very very easily. My mental health was all over the place. Within a month of being vegan I could feel myself becoming more stable. See, when we eat food bred with anger and violence, that energy seeps into us. So of course we are affected. We are what we eat right? In order to grow, and to heal, we have to cut out this unecessary violence. Yes I still get angry of course, but it is by far easier to contain. It is by far easier for me to maintain my mental health and pick myself back up after a fall. Going vegan is nothing but beneficial. I highly recommend educating yourself and having a support system. It can feel lonely, but that can be a good thing. Let's heal ourselves and the world.

Namasté Blessed Be.

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