What the F*** are flower essences?

I could write a whole blog about how flower essences are made and how to use them, but what really are flower essences? A bottle of water and vodka? Or a medicine? Or just a fantasy?

Perhaps all of these things. And perhaps they do nothing, or they do exactly what you need. Truthfully, flower essences do not heal or cure you. They do not help with anything. You, and your being does this. Flower essences are merely guides, sparks, or the "messages" we need(or messengers).

What is an essence? "The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract that determines its character." Or in philosophy an essence is "a property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist or be what it is." The essence of something has power. The essence of Aphrodite is love. The essence of rose is love. The power is the love, the essence, the tool is the object or personification/materialization. We give meaning to things like Gods and Goddesses, plants and even animals so we can harness that power that they naturally bring to the World. We all need this innate power. This is often why Gods are personified and viewed as external(but i'll dive deeper into this another day). There are so many healing tools. From praying and meditation, flower essences, herbal remedies, crystals, acupuncture, Reiki and more. So all you have to do is ask yourself, what kind of healing tool do you need?

Flower essences are the way the Universe speaks, in one way at least. When the sun or moon dances upon a flower in water, the essence/power of the flower is imbued in the water. Then taken diluted in small doses, the plant imbues it's energy into you. When using a flower essence, it is like letting the Earth, Sun, and Water into your heart to heal all dis-ease of the mind body and spirit. It does not literally heal or cure. It is the connection to Spirit, the flower, and the reformed connection within yourself that actually heals. Healing is obviously different for everyone. Flower essences are apart of the Higher Intelligence of our Higher Selves(spirit guides, god consciousness, source, whatever you wish to call it). So they will always help YOU and they will never heal more or less than they need. It is like an energy that morphs it's healing to what your being needs. Whether it's emotional pain, anger, insomnia, or anything else that you wish to heal, the flower essence will heal what it NEEDS to. Please keep in mind that some dis-ease in the body needs to run its course, and the flower essence won't rush that. But it will hold gentle space for you while you are in this recovery phase.

Flower essences are great because they do typically come in a little dropper bottle. This makes it easy to take anywhere. They are as flexible as you, and can be used in your drink, on skin, just on the tongue, in an offering, blessing a house or object, or anything else really. Trust your intuition, what you think and feel called to use a flower essence for. Go with what feels right always. Flower essences are just here to support and love you unconditionally, and to show you true Divine connection.

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