What is magic?

From flying, teleporting, moving things with the mind, bending nature with ones will, to casting spells and dancing in moonlight. Hollywood has majorly construed magic. Witches are often portrayed as ugly old hags collecting the souls of infants and riding on broomsticks throughout the night. Magic is often associated with the devil and "Satan worship" which is only a very small portion of magical users.

In this day and age, witches do not fly on broomsticks or collect the souls of children bn to make themselves younger. Magic is not harnessed by selling ones soul to the devil. It is not a sin or "wrong" to practice magic either.

Magic is simply the enhanced connected experience of life. It is merging the human consciousness with the power of nature. When you merge these two very powerful forces, so many things are possible.

There is a concept called "The Law of Attraction" that is very prominent in magical works. Basically, it works by aligning oneself with whatever frequency they wish to attract. So, if I wanted to manifest more money, I needed to bring my vibration to the same vibratory level as money. That means using mindset, herbs, affirmations, respect, and gratitude to bring myself to that level. If I wanted to manifest a new job, I would need to act like I already have it. If I want to better myself, I need to actively do things to accomplish this. Magic is not about wishing for something and waiting for it to come to you. It's about wanting something, allowing it to come into your life, and actively doing work to keep it.

The use of herbs in magic runs very deep in our human history. Since the dawn of man we have been using plants for food, medicine and magic. See, plants have a quite pure vibration. All plants have different associations in which that vibration is synchronized with. Using the plants that are naturally on the same level of energy as whatever the magical purpose is for, typically enhances the process and energy. The point of magic is to enhance the lively experience we already have. By using magic we can gain more knowledge, wisdom, insights, material gain, mental gain, and more.

Some people are categorized by the types of magic they do. There are kitchen witches(who use herbs and such incorporated into spells while cooking), Crystal witches, elemental witches, spirit witches, nature witches, dark witches, and more. I personally do not use a label as I practice magic all day everyday in every way I can. Because I use so many different types of magic I don't care to use a label.

But what is magic to you? Is it washing away your worries in the shower, or cooking a prosperity pie? What about singing to the birds or simply lighting candles and saying a prayer?

Get creative with your magic. It can include as many objects or as little. You can pray or meditate or just be. Do what feels right for you, always.

Blessed Be!

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