Welcoming the Darkness

As All Hallows Eve gets closer, the nights get longer, the darkness is prominent. During this time, it is easy to get overwhelmed and distraught with life. Many shifts are happening, with the full moon just passing and Samhain drawing near, many things change in everyones lives. During this darker time, we learn to accept our darkness. This is crucial to balancing the yin and yang inside of each person. With darkness, there would be no ligh; without sadness, we wouldn't know true happiness. So, I ask you, instead of judging your negative thoughts or actions, accept them and observe them. Learn where they come from and try to understand them from a third point of view.

Another good practice to do during this time of year, is to sit alone in a dimly lit room. Envision yourself surrounded by darkness. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but wiggle for a minute and then do some breathing exercises. Think about negative thoughts and actions of your recent past, and do not judge yourself. Just simply observe.

This is a time for contemplation of the darkness within us and around us. Never disregard or push aside the darkness, for it will always be there. Love yourself completely, including that side of you.

As always, much love and blessed be!

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