July 30th, 2020. 5 months into a global pandemic, millions of people are constantly scared and living in fear. "I can't breathe" said George Floyd as he was murdered by police in Minneapolis. I. Can't. Breathe. Repeat those words to yourself. What is interesting about all of this? The World can't breathe right now. We've got climate change, Australian and Amazonian fires, deforestation, billions of animals constantly slaughtered, governments who don't care about their people, and billionaires hogging the World's money for their own greed. We can't breathe. It has been thousands of years of devastating oppression. From the Egyptian slave owners to the current racist systems that are upheld by society. Human consciousness, human awakening, has been rising. Yes, all of the things happening in our world is devastating, heart breaking and stressful. But you know what? We have never been so close together, so loving to one another, and many of us are actually working together to make a better world. This is, The Shift.

The Great Awakening.


Apocalypsis(Greek)- Revelation or unveiling of things not previously known. Lifting the veil is what we are doing right now. We are shifting from a war mindset to a brotherhood mindset. We are not all doomed as in the the Devil is taking over the Earth and we all go to Heaven or Hell. No. The apocalypse we are in now is one that will be Hell for those 1% elitists. The richest people, the greedy ones. This is an awakening for Us, and a downfall for them. Because we are now more connected then we have ever been, even though they try again and again to divide us.

So now, we have to turn our focus on bringing positivity to our world. We have lived in darkness for too long, it's time we tip the scales back towards the light.

As we are collectively awakening, we each need to do our part along our personal path. It is up to you to change your lifestyle, change your mindset, and heal yourself so the collective human consciousness can continue to rise. This is the Shift. So, take time for yourself. Cut down on social media and news. Bring yourself back to deep breaths and fresh open air. Settle into some meditations, do some journaling, and focus on healing yourself. What I have been focusing more on lately is my community, and nearer surroundings. Like, what small businesses in my area can I buy my necessities from? I have been switching all all products to more eco-friendly, natural and sustainable products. This is apart of this shift.

Not only have the Elitists caused generational trauma on many peoples, they have brainwashed us, destroyed much of the Earth, caused wars for no reason, poisons our food, water and air, and instills psychological warfare through media. There are many many layers to the damage the have and continue to cause.

Through our journey, it is really up to us to acknowledge these things and plan a way to move forward in our lives. It's important to make little conscious shifts in how we interact with our world. We will continue to not be able to breathe, collectively, if we personally make no changes in our own lives. We have to work on ourselves, our community and then be able to work up to changing the world. If we all make little conscious shifts in our daily lives, then we will make waves together. Find your personal path, your mission, follow it confidently no matter how long it takes for you to get there. Just keep going, everyday, we will all make it together.

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