The Magic of Crystals

Crystals, gems, stones are some of the various names given to these living rocks. These crystals have been used since the Mesopotamian's to heal and generate energy. Many people do not believe crystals have any sort of healing effect, which for them, is fine.

Let me start with the science of vibration and molecules. The molecular structure to all healing crystals are orderly and synchronized. Each molecule also vibrates synchronistically with all others. Because of the perfect frequencies at which the crystals give out, when a crystal interacts with an unbalanced frequency, it goes to work at balancing it. Everything is energy, so to ignore the impact other objects have on our own energy would leave one to feel incomplete.

Crystals are always radiating beautiful energy. When a chakra/energy center of a body is imbalanced and hurt, finding a crystal for that chakra can help immensley.

Root chakra crystals: black tourmaline, lava rock, hematite

Sacral chakra crystals: orange citrine, skeletal quartz, amber

Solar Plexus chakra crystals: tigers eye, yellow calcite, howlite

Heart chakra crystals: rose quartz, malachite, amazonite

Throat chakra crystals: blue apatite, larimar, aquamarine

Third Eye chakra crystals: labradorite, blue kyanite, moonstone

Crown chakra crystals: amethyst, lepidolite, selenite

CRYSTAL GRIDS! Crystal grids are intuitively made geometric placements of several crystals to concentrate energy for it to burst out. Making crystal grids have personally helped me so much in times of high anxiety and depression. It is a truly wonderful thing to do and look at as well as bring bountiful positive energy to you and your space!

Much love to you! Blessed be.

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