Spring Cleaning and Healing

It's after Imbolc and I can feel the flutters of Spring. The Crocus flowers are blooming and daffodil shoots are sprouting. The Earth is definitely warming here in the Northern Hemisphere. The air has the fresh smell of Spring and with each breath my being is cleansed deeper. The sun feels warmer on my face. I am truly grateful. It's a new decade, and there has really been a massive shift. The consciousness has risen with the rise of Spring. I feel like this year is going to be booming with energy shifts in many people. People are waking up. People are realizing their true selves.

Spring is symbolic of re-birth. The days are getting longer and warmer, and the plants are flowering more. We collectively as humans begin Spring cleaning. Around the house, with ourselves, our lives. I have purged much this past Winter, and I feel very renewed. It's typical to feel this way, and clean our lives in the Spring to get rid of the Winters released energy. I personally am getting on some deep cleaning projects around the house! Inside of myself I am leaving behind insecurities, anger, and worry. I renew myself with love and balance. This feeling of Spring emerging has given me a greater sense of stillness, but growth.

This year I aim to heal myself more, and share more with others. I am hosting a Spring Cleaning and Healing event April 29th in Asheville, NC! We will be talking about the feelings of Spring, doing cleansing exercises, yoga, meditation, introspection, a nature walk and eating yummy food. This Spring really is significant because it's the first of a new decade. I am ready to hold open space for us to heal together.

Go to the EVENT page for more info on Spring Cleaning and Healing!

Blessed Be

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