Spirituality and Drugs

Drugs can be such a taboo subject now a days, even though most people use some form of drugs. Alcohol, caffeine, cannabis, cigarettes/nicotine, sugar, cheese, DMT, acid/LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, etc. Many people do drugs because they "need" them or because they are relying on them, but some people do use them to relax, have fun or expand their consciousness.

Now, I will say, this post is not about condoning drugs. I am simply connecting and informing the spiritual use of some drugs.

In my personal opinion, there is a line where the drug is overused. Drinking coffee or alcohol everyday, not being able to relax without cannabis(unless you have a medical condition), always tripping on psychedelics, etc. These are all traps that we may fall into when using drugs. I've been in this trap before, and know there are so many people experiencing this too.

There are upsides to using some drugs though.

Caffeine can wake you up. Cannabis is an amazing medicine and can be used to expand consciousness. Psychedelics like DMT, LSD or mushrooms can not only be used to expand consciousness, but to heal from mental illness and past traumas.

I personally used to have extreme PTSD. Not a lot was helping me. I meditated and such but I still had a lot of crap that was pushed down. I took a lot of acid/LSD one night and I spent the entire trip healing from a specific past trauma that I hadn't let go of. I literally had a vision of me going back in time and hugging my younger abused self. Then when I came back to my being, I cried a lot but let go of that trauma. The next week I took the test of PTSD with my therapist and I was officially PTSD FREEE!! I completely healed and was no longer diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. There are so many other people that have healed with the help of MDMA, LSD, DMT, and mushrooms. There have also been studies done that prove these things can help with the treatment of anxiety and depression.

I think it is important to use things in moderation, and to not get trapped in any form of addiction. Even if something is not physically addictive, someone can be mentally addicted to the use of a drug.

Psychedelics can be used to heal, and expand ones consciousness. I personally feel like other drugs typically just lower one's vibration. I'm not saying to always stay clear of those things, but just be mindful of the use of caffeine, alcohol and other drugs. See how they affect you. Psychedelics can even lower someones vibration if used incorrectly or too much. Always listen to your body and intuition.

I hope this was a good read! Much love, Blessed Be.

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