Sound Therapy

Music is soothing to the mind, body and soul. We hear music everywhere, stores, elevators, and even on our phones. Why is it that our brains like music so much? Well, the brains communication processes are based on frequency. Brain waves are measured in "hertz", which is actually the same as sound/music. Science has shown us that certain brainwave frequencies increase the production of serotinin, eases pain and also increases relaxation. Certain frequencies can even increases memory and learning. So, when we hear beautiful soothing music, the sound frequencies collide with our brainwaves to heal them. Singing bowls have been used for a long time to heal and sooth the mind body and soul. I always add a bit of sound bathing with singing bowls at the end of a Reiki session, like putting the icing on a cake! For deeper, more intense sound therapy I use tuning forks. When they are hit with a little rubber hammer they start vibrating at the frequency they are tuned to. Then they proceed to heal one's being. Other ways of sound therapy for free, is to look up hertz frequencies or binural beats on youtube, and listen to them with headphones. Sound is a wonderful thing, and can be an amazing tool if we use it. Much love to you!

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