Do you know yourself? How well do you know yourself? Are you able to understand all of your feelings from the root cause to the triggers? Can you be comfortable alone and in your own skin?

If not, that is totally okay! Either way, it is good to be aware of how well you know yourself.

So, if you don't know yourself quite as well as you would like, what are some things you can do to explore yourself more?

1. Mirror gazing. Mirror gazing has personally helped me so much with finding physical blocks inside of myself and my confidence. To mirror gaze just simply stand or sit in front of a mirror and hold a gaze into your eyes. Slowly scan your body and continue to look deep into your eyes. Do this is long and often as you feel fit.

2. Meditation. Meditation can be a powerful tool to reach inside of yourself and get answers to anything. Why are you feeling sad right now? Meditate and search for the answer within. You can do it!

3. Slow down and be mindful. This is especially helpful if you experience anxiety or becoming overwhelmed often. Slow down your walking, talking, movements, breath, everything. Become aware of your surroundings and your physical and mental symptoms. If you are being triggered, how can you tell? What are the initial warning signs?

4. Dance or get moving! Freely expressing yourself with physical movement can really connect you with your higher self and could even reveal any blockages within you.

5. Do what you love to do. Paint, read, draw, dance, do yoga, masturbate, take a walk, do anything that makes you feel happy and connected with yourself. Do something for yourself every day. Maybe even try new things!

Self exploration is a long journey that I don't think ever stops, just continues in different ways. I hope some of these examples may help you along your beautiful journey!

These are just some small things I will be going over in my new book that is in the making, so stay tuned for more self exploration ideas and tips!

Much love to you, Blessed Be.

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