Releasing Control

Anxiety comes from trying to control a situation. Whether it be something very small, or very big, the need or feeling to change it in some way causes anxiety. It can be trying to change something in the present, overthinking about the future, or even wanting to change something from the past. I used to be crippled by my own anxiety stemming from wanting to control everything. If I said or did something in my past, I would be up all night playing out how I would have changed it. If I wanted to get out of or change the situation in the present, my heart would race and I would eventually panic. I had several anxiety attacks a day, about everything. The anxiety didn't stop until I forced myself to release control. There are many things in life that we have absolutely no control over. Instead of making ourselves miserable trying to control something we cannot, we can release that control and roll with the universe. Everything happens for a reason, and yes there are some thing we can manifest and change in life but there are forces greater than us that have the ultimate say in what goes. It has taken me a long time to really learn to surrender to the universe, and I still slip up and have anxiety. That is okay. I went from several panic attacks a day to barely one a week, if any. A good way to start to release control is to lay down completely flat, and imagine waves washing over you as you inhale and exhale. Do not control your breath, and do not control the waves. Roll with it all and feel it wash over your being uncontrollably. Do this exercise as often as you can, and it may help you feel free from your anxieties. I hope this has helped, much love to you. Blessed Be.

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