Reiki Healing

Rei means universal and Ki means life force energy. During a Reiki healing session, I as the practitioner, channel this Reiki energy through myself into the client. In doing this, negative energy blockages inside the being are removed and light energy is put into the being. Each chakra is focused on and the person is grounded. Reiki only starts and helps along the process of healing. One must take it upon themselves to continue healing through each day of their lives in a physical, mental and spiritual way. Reiki healing is also not a one time heal all deal. Continuous sessions and work must be done to get the complete benefit and healing power of it all. For example, I had Gastroesophageal Re-flux Disease for a long time. This problem generated from my poor eating habits and lack of self knowledge and integrity. The physical and spiritual bodies are connected, so if one is hurting, the other hurts as well. To heal myself I ate better and began Reiki and meditation everyday. I started figuring out who I was and became the most authentic version of me. Now to this day I do not suffer from GERD. Reiki has helped me in so many ways, teaching me about myself and the world around me. In giving and receiving Reiki, something new is learned and felt in each session. I aspire to take the knowledge I have received and pass it to all of those around me.

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