Regression Therapy

I have officially begun my journey as a Past Life Regression therapist. This will go along with my current journey and enhance on many things I believe like chakra imbalances currently being rooted in our past lives. I am excited to learn more and help people in a different way.

Regression therapy is basically a form of hypnosis where the client is taken back through this life into past ones. The form of hypnosis or guided meditations allows the subconscious mind to recall this past information.

I feel that if we can recall these past lives and find the root of some issues, then we can transcend some of the negative energy we hold within ourselves today. This can help people with blocks, negative emotions, bottled up emotions and many other different things. Chakra imbalances can be so deep that they have really been a problem for many, many lives& incarnations. We may be able to find ease through healing of this life, but would benefit more from looking into other lives.

I find this whole process so interesting to me! During a Reiki session with my husband a long time ago, he was actually unintentionally inducted into a past life. He had an amazing experience that was really intense and beautiful. Basically going back to middle ages and recalling a being thought as an "elemental," his experience has been brought up several times since.

Isn't it neat that once we get out of the way of the subconscious, our minds are capable of amazing things.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! Much love, Blessed Be!

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