Plant Medicine and Reiki

Plant medicine and Reiki truly changed my life. I had been struggling for years with chronic disease, and they both came into my life right about the same time. I was looking for other answers, and they just showed up! Where pharmaceuticals failed me, plants saved me. Where doctors, therapists, and face masks didn't work, Reiki was there. Plants are the essence of the Earth as it is. I feel much of our physical state today has to do with our disconnection from our true selves and nature. How can we reconnect then?

Plant medicine has so many different forms, and there is just about something for everyone. There is tea, capsules, smoke and incense, tinctures, flower essences and dilutions, oils, lotion, infused salts and butter, and more. It truly is abundant! So all you have to do is ask what you resonate with? Do you enjoy tea or hate it? Plant medicine is more effective when taken in an enjoyable way. My favorite way, is in conjunction with Reiki. I typically start out with focusing my attention on my feet, then extending awareness to the Earth to give gratitude for the plants and energy. Then I intuitively pick what plant and form I need in the moment, clear my head, and consume in whatever way. I invite Reiki in and allow the energy of Reiki to enhance the plants abilities. This allows for a bond in the body like nothing else, and all of the energies build in the body for more vital life force.

Both plant medicine and Reiki are completely beautiful on their own. But together, it is unlike anything else. It is a spark of magic and light in a world of chaos. It is a shred of connection and hope. It is the glue in that helps put everything together, and the gentle hug we all need to feel okay.

Experiencing a Reiki session with plants, allows the body to align with the Universe. The plants hold you with the Earth energy, and the Reiki guides you towards your healing and personal redemption.

I love these gifts. They are special and important, and need to be shared and experienced. Don't take it from me, go out and experience these in any form you feel called. Just experience. Allow yourself to be consumed and held by the infinite Love of the Universe that is expressed through Reiki and plants. Feel it flow into your being. Breathe it all in.

Much love.

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