Panic Attacks

Your breath gets heavy and fast, palms start sweating and you feel nauseated. As you start to spin and need to sit down you realize you are having a panic attack.

Now, not all panic attacks look like this; some can look like spurts of irritability, hot or cold flashes, spastic movements, needing to run away and a number of other ways and symptoms.

Why do panic attacks happen?

Panic attacks can come on because of a number of things, from a job interview to a near missed car accident and many more. Panic attacks may also happen for no "apparent" reason.

I believe the root cause of all anxiety is need to control. Whether it be a situation or aspect in life, the speed and lack of ability to control life makes it hard for some people to cope and deal.

So, what can we do to cope, deal and help ourselves and others with anxiety and panic attacks?

Grounding is the first and foremost thing I personally use to help in panic and anxious situations. See my previous post "Why is grounding so important?" for more information on grounding.

Deep breathing for a few minutes is also a great help.

Meditation is a helpful preventative for anxiety and panic attacks.

Movement like dance, walking or yoga can help shake off any excess negative energy from panic attacks.

If you are with someone experiencing a panic attack, talk slowly and give them space. Water may help and even fresh air. Ask if you can get them some food or a hug.

The best thing that I do constantly to help with my anxiety is to be slow. Slow movements, slow speech, slow typing, slow everything. For many people this may seem impossible, but slowing life down even just a little bit can have huge effects on anxiety and panic attacks. It is also important to address the root cause of the panic. Let the feels roll and crash, don't push them down, just ride it out. Work on releasing the issue and be kind to yourself through the process. A rose doesn't bloom overnight.

I personally use California poppy for anxiety; in tinctures teas or lotions/salves(see apothecary products for lotion and salves). California poppy is an anti-anxiety herb that has been my best companion for stressful times.

Skullcap, passionflower, lemonbalm, mimosa, rose, chamomile, lavender etc. can be used for anxiety as well. Find which herb best suits you and please do research on all herbs before use.

I hope this post finds you well and helps you in any way. Much love, Blessed Be.

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