My Mission

Everyone has a mission in life. That mission is the core of human experience each lifetime. Some people find theirs early, some find theirs late and many people may have several missions! Do you know what yours is?

Well, I am here to tell you my mission. After contemplation and self exploration I came to the realization that my mission is to spread love, balance and healing. To spread knowledge of self and holistic health. To connect with others and connect with the earth.

Rising Moon Apothecary is a business based in many things. From energy healing services, to herbal products, to fortune telling and divination. This business is rooted in the earth and her magick.

I wish to serve others in any way I can! I have done several classes and trainings in different things, and plan to do several more! I love learning about plants and energy.

What do YOU love learning about? What do you like to do for yourself and others? What is your mission in this life?

I hope you find your purpose and thrive in your life. Much love to you!

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