My Fears

I am just terrified of being next to an eighteen-wheel truck on the highway.

I always get anxiety when someone knocks on my door and i'm not expecting anything.

I get scared of having bad dreams, and not being able to sleep well.

I am afraid my health isn't good.

I worry about my family.

I get paranoid about how the world is.

I am wary of people.

I am uncertain about the unknown.

I am afraid, often.

and that's okay.

Honestly, i feel that many emotions, like fear are just inevitable. We can't fix them because it's just a natural process we all go through. Fear just is. But you know what else? Joy, just is.

But ask yourself, if you can be okay with the unknown and this fear. Can you surrender to what is, and not create a whirlpool of anxiety over what you can not control? It's easy to succumb to the fears, worries, anxieties, and sadness in life. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge fear and let it be a tool to help you.

Befriend your mind! Don't let your thoughts and emotions control you and drag you around.

There have been so many times where I would have a simple thought, and I followed it in my head. Then it lead to a lot of exaggeration and overthinking. Of course that led to anxiety, then me pacing back and fourth getting angry to nearly throwing up. All I did was follow one simple thought. "My husband should have been off work by now," or "My mom isn't answering the phone," or even "Oh my GOSH this truck is SO CLOSE."

Thoughts are funny things with hooks. If they grab you, they can drag you anywhere. But you are the only person letting them drag you. You don't have to go after every thought you have. You don't have to become hooked. This is not to say that every thought is "bad" or you can't follow any of them. This is to say, have boundaries. Know when things are getting out of hand and come back to yourself.

Take a deep breath.

Fears are thoughts of the unknown possibilities in life. Fears can be created by past trauma, phobias, or simply discomfort about the idea. Anxiety and overthinking often accompany fears, which can lead to distress and dis-ease. Something that has helped me with my fears is just acknowledging them,

What are you afraid of?

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