Mindset is so important. Why? Well, because have you ever thought of something unrealistic, over and over again and eventually got anxiety, sad or angry about this thought? Have you ever been overthinking a situation and it drives you insane over something that is not? This is because our human brains want to control. They want to run rampant. They want to think, worry, over think, get angry, sad, etc.

But this isn't healthy, and it is certainly not beneficial to us.

Mindset. It all comes down to mindset.

There's optimistic people and pessimistic people. It's about their mindset. You can choose to look at life as full of blessings, or you can choose to see a bunch of hatred and negativity. You can choose to overthink situations that were in the past or may never happen, or you can choose to let those thoughts fade away.

Mindset is a choice. Yes, depression and mental illness can be difficult to overcome, but if you continually work on your mindset every single day, you WILL get there and heal. I conquered my mental illnesses through my mindset. It took a very long time of pain and agony, but I did it.(I discuss this more on my YouTube channel and in My Story blog post below).

How do we shift our mindset then? Well, if you truly want to heal, then learn to observe your thoughts. Your thoughts are not you. They are guests. The point of your mindset is to not let your thoughts overtake your brain. So when you start overthinking or such, acknowledge the thought and then give it an alternative. Don't push it down, but give it a different ending.

Like the clouds pass through the sky, let your thoughts pass through your mind. Remember, you have a choice on which thoughts you give your attention to. You do not have to indulge in harmful thoughts. It takes time. This is a continual daily practice, but you can do it!!

Much love to you, blessed be!

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