Do you find yourself saying "I just can't meditate" a lot? Or saying that meditation is just too hard? I understand. Don't feel bad, you aren't alone. Meditation is a practice, and it definitely takes time to get that practice down. Have you heard the saying "Just clear your mind?" Do NOT do this. This is probably the hardest way to meditate and it is not for beginners. Clearing your mind completely for thirty minutes is nearly impossible.

So, what is meditation and how do you do it?

Meditation is concentrating on the present moment. It is easier to do with a focal point. A focal point can be a crystal, picture, candle flame, music, noise, yoga pose, sunlight, a tree or plant, etc. The point of meditating is NOT to clear your mind.....the point of meditating is to be here now. Our human minds wander, inevitably they wander a lot. Your mind wandering is 100000% okay. Do not judge yourself or get upset when your mind wanders over and over again. The goal during meditation is to observe your mind wandering, and without judgement, bring yourself back to your focal point....over and over and over again. Doing this may sound a little daunting, but it works! It does take time and practice.

Some days I can sit still and meditate for twenty minutes, some days I can't do that so I have to meditate while cleaning or doing yoga; and that's okay. Our minds will be more anxious some days over others. Go with how you feel. If you feel like you should meditate while exercising or cleaning, do it! If you feel like you should meditate alone sitting or laying down, do it! Find whatever way suits you in the moment, but don't judge yourself when the next time may be different.

I hope this has helped some of you beautiful souls out there. Much love, Blessed Be.

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