Is something watching you?

Have you ever felt that someone was behind you, or on your back? Have you ever felt off put by a random object? Well, these may be signs that you are encountering a spirit or entity. Many times we can sense something out there around us but we can't necessarily see it. Mirrors in many cultures throughout the world are thought to be portals, and I have personal experience with a mirror used as a portal. Typically any object can be a resting place for a spirit, especially if it is reflective or was their belongings when they were alive.

Spirits can be very tricky, especially if they are bugging people for a reason. If you encounter a spirit, even a negative malicious spirit, do not give in to it's taunting. Fear only gives the energy more drive to do harm. When working with spirits, the only thing to fear is fear itself. For negative spirits, it is good to get to the root of why they are there and if they are trapped. Many spirits are driven mad over time if they are trapped in the shadows. If you need to cleanse yourself from a possible spirit, burn sage/palo santo, a black candle, invision light around you and your space, chant positive affirmations, and even dance/get movement flowing. These things will help clear the negative spirit away. Also remember everything happens for a reason, and that you are encountering this spirit for a reason. Now, I will tell you about two personal encounters with different spirits. The first was a very dark energy. I was reading in the Book of Enoch, and my cats starting growling at my mirror. I then heard a weird distorted sound and a tall shadow figure came out of my mirror and circled the table in my room. It headed for me and when I looked at it straight on, I held my ground and felt strong. I released any and all fear I may have had and it completely vanished. Another time I experienced something come through my mirror was while I was meditating one evening around Midsummer and saw a tiny orb of light come through the looking glass. After the one orb followed several other orbs, some bright white and some dark black orbs. Soon my room was filling with these small diamond shaped energy orbs I feel were fairies. They danced around my room vanishing one by one, until the last one did a loop and as it fell down its light faded and they all vanished. This was the most uplifting experience with spirits I have ever had. Not all of my experiences with entities have been because of mirrors, but I can definitely notice spirits come through them. If you do get worried about the portals in mirrors, drape a white cloth over the mirror. Spirits can be beautiful in many different ways, and they always come with knowledge. Much love to you, Blessed Be.

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