How to support the body after trauma

Trauma takes a toll on the mind and body. It can completely rearrange the entire system. Any type of trauma can have lasting effects on the body, so how can we help support ourselves during these times?

First, realize your trauma is valid and that you need time to heal. Rest is important and you need to allow yourself time for self care.

There are many self care rituals which can help your body rest and relax. Find the ones that you feel drawn to the most, and practice this self care as routinely as you can. Trauma causes our adrenaline to rush, hormones get imbalanced, and our bodily routines are messed with. The first step in healing is slowing down. Then assess what you can reasonably do in your time that can help your mind and body move on.

Adaptogenic herbs are a type of herb that helps the mind and body adapt to stress. They are generally calming, balancing, uplifting, and stabilizing. Many of them nourish our nerves to help them relax more, so that we don't naturally go into a flight or fight mode quickly. Some of my favorite adaptogens are Ashwaganda, Holy Basil, Brahmi, Ginseng, and maca. Many mushrooms are also adaptogenic.

Another way to help your mind and body process and move on from trauma is Brain spotting, or EMDR therapy. This is a technique provided by some mental health professionals, and is one that greatly impacted my healing process. It was a life saver.

Meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques are also good ways to tune the mind into healing. Yoga allows the body to process emotions through movement, and is a deeply healing experience.

I have heard many great experiences from sensory deprivation tanks, and how floating has helped many people deal with PTSD and mental illness. Taking the senses away may seem scary, but the process is supposed to be very comforting and cleansing. I mean, floating in warm isotonic salt water does sound like heaven!

Ayurvedic oiling is also another one of my favorites, and feels amazing! I highly recommend.

Trauma in any form or "size" can impact the body in many ways, so we have to form a support system around ourselves to heal. Your healing will look different from others and that's okay. I personally feel the biggest part in this journey is being loving and gentle with yourself. Slowing down and taking the time to be present with your body is important to nourish a healthy relationship within yourself. I hope you are able to process and heal in any way that works for you! Thank you for reading, blessed be.

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