Herbs for Depression

Depression isn't just being sad, it can often be exhaustion and fatigue, bouts of anger and frustration, lack of motivation, difficult thoughts, numbing sensations in the body and more. Depression is so different for everyone as well, so it's important to use your intuition in cultivating a personal plan for healing.

Herbs are helpful when used everyday, along with other therapies like exercise, acupuncture, Reiki or energy healing, yoga, meditation, and therapy.

I have used many herbs along my journey, and it's important to note that as time passes you may need to switch herbs. I started with lavender, then I went from that to St. John's wort, to lemon balm, to skullcap to Passionflower. Sometimes all in one! But as you grow and change, your needs will change. So continue to check in with yourself to make sure everything feels right for you!

Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia is a highly favored herb. It is soothing, and wonderful for anxiety and depression. Lavender is better for people who are hotter in constitution (like if you're more angry, firey, and warm). It is relaxing, and helps disperse vital life force energy throughout the body.

St. John's wort: Hypericum perforatum is also a cooling plant, and calms the nerves. St. John's wort illuminates the shadows within ourselves. I have heard great things about this plant namely helping with BiPolar and other mental disorders. I have found great use it in giving me much stability.

Lemon Balm: Melissa officialis is a sweet and comforting herb. Cooling yet stimulating, lemon balm tends to the heart chakra and focuses a lot on grief and self love. This plant aligns with me well in the Spring, giving me a push towards progress when I need it. Lemon balm is also helping for anxiety and anger.

Skullcap: Sculletaria lateriflora is a gorgeous little plant with tiny purple flowers. It works on the nervous system, for anxiety, depression, and convulsions. People used to bathe in skullcap to remove disharmony! Skullcap is a major mood enhancer by acting on many key components such as serotonin signals, GABA calming brain signals and more. It is also antioxidant.

Passionflower: Passiflora incarnata is a vine plants with beautiful white and purple flowers. This is a very soothing plant. This plant helps people take the time in their lives they need to rest, and when they need to grow. It assists in changes, and anxieties. Passionflower is beautiful for finding deeper connection with the world.

I personally love all of these plants, and so so many more! If you are curious about any other plant for depression not on this list, shoot me a message and we can chat! Thank you for reading!

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