Healing powers of Crystals

I had recently posted a blog about how crystals work at healing ourselves and our surroundings, so now, I will talk about different crystals and what they are typically used for.

I will start out by saying, usually you can identify which crystal is used for which chakra by the color. For example, yellow crystals are for the solar plexus chakra. White crystals on the other hand can be for the crown chakra, root chakra, or an overall chakra crystal. It really just depends on the stone.

I can't possibly cover every property of each stone, but I will go over the basics of each I talk about here. So let's dive in!

~Amethyst: Amethyst is a purple stone used for the crown chakra. It is one of the more common gems. This crystal is used to block stress and negativity, promote calmness, facilitates decision making, aids in better sleep, supports sobriety, enhances psychic awareness and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst boosts hormone production, and tunes the endocrine system as well as the metabolism. It cleanses blood, and connects the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This is a wonderful stone to meditate with, and even place under your pillow as you sleep.

~Fluorite: Fluorite can be purple, green, blue, clear, yellow and or brown. This is a great cleansing and protective stone that is generally used for all chakras. It shuts out manipulation and electromagnetic stress(like from computers, wifi etc.), it promotes intuitive powers, increases self-confidence, dissolves illusion, and stabilizes emotions. Fluorite is powerful against infections, viruses and helps repair DNA damage. This stone I really love to take with me on the go. In my purse, car or pocket. I find it a more effective stone to use when I am around people as it helps confidence and shields me from any negativity from others.

~Jasper: This is personally one of my favorite stones(as you can see on my homepage my sons name is Jasper). Jasper comes in many many colors and styles. Colors include red, brown, yellow, green, blue and purple. Different kinds of Jasper include ocean jasper, cobra jasper, fancy jasper, leopard jasper, etc. Jasper overall is known as the "supreme nurturer". It brings courage, honesty, promotes organization and stimulates imagination. The jasper stones also typically help with the circulatory and digestive systems as well as the sexual organs. This is a great stone to add to crystal grids and in the kitchen or all through the house.

~Unakite: Unakite is a valued stone to many mothers. It has a green-pink color, hence it is wonderful for the heart chakra. One day as I was walking through a crystal shop(very very pregnant), I found an unakite necklace and didn't think twice about buying it. Later I found it is an amazing to stone for pregnancy and motherhood. It helps boost and sustain a deeper connection between mom and baby, helps milk supply and also helps anxiety and depression. Unakite reaches down into the soul and brings up the root causes of blockages. It is a wonderful transformation stone. Unakite facilitates rebirth, and brings light in times of darkness. This stone has been thought to treat illness and the reproductive systems. Wearing this stone has proven very beneficial.

Gems used during Reiki and other healing session truly give off an extra boost into the space and beings. You can often find stones at local metaphysical shops or online.

I will write on more crystals at later dates, so stay tuned! Much love, blessed be!

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