It's a scary word and a scary thought.

It can be traumatic and painful. It can be blissful.

Death is the biggest transition we will go through in life. Of course, with life comes death. Everything that lives, dies.

Why is it so scary? It is inevitable. We know it will happen to everything eventually. Yet we fear it gravely.

I recently lost my grandfather. He was a beautiful, peaceful man. It was so sudden and such a shock to my entire family.

Left confused, it took me awhile to sort through my feelings, which was okay.

Grief is funny, it stings and makes your whole body numb. Then things start to get better and it comes in waves. That person I will never see again, but his soul lives on.

I know the souls of those who pass live on in some way. Whether it be another life on Earth or in the spirit world, they like us are all eternal. This insight makes things easier, even though it can all still be confusing. So I let it be. Confusing, heartbreaking, blissful. The only thing we can do now is to celebrate life. What we have right here, right now. What beauty is in our senses so that we may percieve our world. To know this is a glorious moment right now is blissful feeling. Even though the mystery of what happens next may be daunting, we can find comfort in the now.

So what should we do now?

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