Flower Energy

Remember that saying "Flower Power!" from way back when? Well let's talk about that! Flowers. Flowers are just gorgeous things. They can be radiant, tall, small, but all around beautiful. Flowers hold the reproductive organs of plants, and they typically turn into the fruit of a plant. This means, that flowers naturally hold sacral chakra energy, and transformative energy. They have natural abilities to help us be creative, productive and transform our lives.

Then, you get to look at individual flowers. The colors can often indicate which chakra its energy most correlates with, but it may stray from that. Their energy is also dependent upon the area it grows, and its medicinal or toxic qualities.

For instance, calendula being an orange medicinal flower is amazing for the sacral and solar plexus chakra. It also helps open one up to masculine/sun energy.

On the other hand, Belladonna is a deadly poisonous flower. It is quite beautiful though, in a shade of purple. It can be used for the crown chakra and promotes deep feelings of peace and joy. It can help one open up to the darkness and be okay with their deepest inner self.

You don't have to take flowers internally to get to know them and heal from their energy. You can simply grow one, or even just watch it from afar. Coming into contact with any flower will give you some of their energy. Flower Power is real, and can be very potent. They impact our lives so deeply, so it can be a wonder to actually be conscious of this magical act!

I hope you enjoy, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Blessed Be.

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