Energy Healing

Your heart aches. It has sunken into your stomach. Your head is racing. You can't seem to have faith in anything. You are so drained and tired every day.

When are you going to allow yourself to heal?

Take a moment, and take in a deep breath.

We all hurt. We all feel pain, and saddness at some point. We all have negative memories and thoughts. But what are we doing to heal that?

Energy healing is a continual daily practice. It consists of you giving gratitude to everything, showing yourself love, and accepting life as it is. You can do mirror gazing, dance/move with yourself, laugh with yourself, touch yourself, dress up, etc. Do something everyday for yourself. Let it become blissful and overflowing with love.

Working on the chakras is a significant way to boost healing. They are the energetic centers in our bodies, so becoming aware of how they are hurting and need to heal can make the process more powerful. I have another blog on chakras below!

Reiki can also help the process along for sure! Reiki is done by a certified practitioner who takes universal energy and clears blockages within the client. I have blogs on that below too! Connect with me to learn more!

Love is really the root in all healing. Find love within yourself, and everything around you. I hope you healing journey is full of it!

Blessed Be.

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