Energetic Movement

Have you ever felt your heart drop? Have you ever shivered when experiencing something unpleasant? Have you ever felt so happy you could feel yourself vibrating? These are all ways our oown energy emits and communicates with us. When first realizing that I could physically move the energy within me, it was an intense time in my life. For days I would meditate and concentrate on simply feeling the energy within. Everything finally clicked once I started visualizing the energy within my like an electromagnetic current in powerlines. If you want to start moving your own energy, I highly recommend using that visualization exercise. Sit with your hands together at your heart. Start at your left palm/hand and inhale. As you inhale, with your minds eye, see the energy go up through your left arm. Then, exhale and see the energy go through your chest and down your right arm. Then inhale again and keep the energy circling through your body in this manner. For me, this was the easiest start to moving my own energy or Chi. Then, I was able to move energy through my back, chakras, and legs. After practicing for a long time, I am now able to move energy within and around me in my whole space. Energy movement is such an opening thing that can truly be a wonder for anyone and everyone. Learning to make Chi balls is intense and brings out much light from within. To make a ball of your own energy, begin with the same method discussed before with the hands together at the heart. After awhile start separating the hands and forming the ball. Remember, the energy is not typically seen with the human eyes, but you can certainly feel it. Another way to get your own chi moving is to do yoga or dance freely. Moving your own energy can bring so many things to light, and is a wonderful way to explore the self and what you are capable of. Of course moving chi takes time, practice and concentration but it can achieved be by anyone. If you need additional help, consult a Reiki practitioner or another Energetic healer. You may always find me on instagram as well @risingmoonapothecary I will be happy to help! Have a wonderful day, much love Blessed Be.

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