Effects of Reiki

Reiki is a form of energy healing that has been fine tuned to help more people all across the globe. It has many effects from calming the body, releasing anxiety and depression, easing pain, helping inflammation, boosting the immune system and more. I have personally seen huge effects on my digestive system and mental health with Reiki. My overall bodily inflammation is getting better overtime.

Reiki is a complementary therapy. It can increase the effectiveness of other therapies overall. It works well with acupuncture, massage, plant medicine, conventional therapy and medications, and more. I have seen the best results of overall healing in people who use multiple healing therapies to achieve their goals.

I have seen Reiki help my clients mainly through lifting mental weight and fog, helping them feel centered and grounded. I have seen it aide in confidence and self-esteem. Through my Reiki sessions, I feel my clients afterwards have a better sense of who they truly are and how they can move forward in their lives.

Oftentimes, I deal with trauma healing. This is where I feel I am needed the most in my business, because I have been through and healing so much trauma. When I have doing a Reiki session, I am cutting "cords" from the body. I see them as energetic links that make us experience negative patterns. Everybody has cords, so this has become an increasingly important practice of mine. Cutting cords can lift a lot of emotional tension, and helps the client adjust to situations easier.

There are so many ways Reiki can effect somebody. It is different for everyone and always changing. Now is the time for us to take back our power. Our emotional and spiritual selves have been neglected, but we can take steps to heal.

I often hear of Reiki helping in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimers and more. I would love to experience helping someone in this condition one day. There is more information about this at

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