Crystal Gridding

They are many shapes in this world, from triangles, spheres, to spirals and more. Shapes make up other things, and they all hold powerful energy! Each shape does something different, like a spiral can help energy flow in a different way a triangle does.

I have talked about crystals in other blogs below, but now I will talk about crystal Gridding. Crystal Gridding is taking your awesome crystals, seashells, rocks, flowers, and anything else you want and place them strategically, with intention, in a shape. It can be any shape! This can be planned or done in the moment intuitively, which is what I typically do. So when you so down these crystals and other objects, combined with the shape and intention, you get an extremely powerful flow of energy which helps manifest your intention into reality. Your intention can really be anything, like attracting love, promoting peace, honoring a holiday or a loved one, sending energy to a place person or thing, self love, etc etc.

Some people like to use a blank space for crystal Gridding, or do it on a cloth or board. I have started to wood burn special crystal Gridding Boards that I love to use!

When it comes to crystal Gridding, really follow your intuition and let the energy flow!

Much love to you, Blessed Be.

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