Growing up I wasn't really taught how to be creative. Art, music, everything was supposed to be done by the books and how others did it. This started the major block in my sacral chakra, where creative energy ignites and is supposed to flow; the fire was put out.

Creativity isn't something that can be learned though, but it needs to have an open gateway which to flow through. I have had to learn how to step out of the way of my subconscious, creative mind and let that energy flow. This learning process has been a very freeing experience.

Creative energy flows through different mediums. Letting that energy flow means to find what medium(s) work best for you. Painting, dancing, drawing, writing, performing, anything! I personally enjoy making wreaths, brooms and wood burning. Take any kind of craft and make it your own!

Feel your personal fire and let it guide you!

Blessed Be.

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