Constitutions and Herbal Energy

When taking herbal medicines or using herbs at all, it is really important to understand your personal constitution and how the energetics of the herbs can affect you. Your constitution is basically if you are cold or hot, and moist or dry, etc. So, think for a minute. Are you constantly putting lotion on because of how dry your skin is? Are you always wearing a sweater, or are your extremeties constantly cold? Do you get anger or heated quickly/often? Think of how you would describe yourself in these ways.

Herbs all have their own constitution and energy as well, so when we use them we are taking in that energy. Sometimes, when we take in an energy that doesn't quite agree with us, it can negatively affect us and the effectiveness of the medicine. If you are already a very hot person, taking a warming herb may not be productive. An herbal category specifically known as Astringents are drying/tightening herbs. These herbs should not be taken for more than 14 days for anyone, as they can be overly drying. Overall, mess around with herbs in tea form or tincture form and see how you feel. Notice the difference in your body, whether it be you have cooled down or your nose gets dryer, or even if you feel warm and cozy.

I am going to list just a few herbs and their energetics, but nothing compares to the personal experience.

Rose: cooling, drying*, uplifting, and comforting.

Marshmallow root: cooling, soothing, moistening, yin tonic(feminine energy)

California Poppy: cooling, drying

Passionflower: neutral

Holy Basil: neutral but can be slightly heating and drying

Basil: warming and drying

Chamomile: cooling and drying

Gotu Kola: slightly cooling but fairly neutral

Calendula: warming and drying

Echinacea: cooling and drying*

Spilanthes: slightly warming and drying, stimulating

Goldenrod: warming and drying*

Yarrow: drying, cooling and warming(depending on what your body needs)

Lemon Balm: cooling and slightly drying

*May be overly drying

Herbs are wonderful companions in many different ways, from essential oils, to tinctures and teas. Essential oils are a great way to get to know the herbal energetics, as essential oils were originally made to take the spirit out of the plant, just be research precautions and safety on essential oils. Please research any and all herbs before using topically or internally-there may be drug reactions or allergic reactions. Always start with a low dose of a new herb, and work up. Use your intuition and follow what you feel!

I hope you have a beautiful day, blessed be.

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