Can you feel the energy?

Energy may feel like many different things at different times and to different people. It can feel warm, cold, itchy, pulsing, tingly etc. Different people and objects also give off different energies. One object may feel hot and another cold. This same concept applies when drinking herbal tea and feeling crystals.

I want you to think about you and your energy. Are you a warm person or a cool person? Are you always sweating or always wearing a sweater? How would you describe yourself energetically? This is your constitution. Your constitution is very important when working with herbal medicine and crystals, as well as other forms of energetic healing. An herb may be too warm and drying for one person and it may be just right for another. Some crystals make people feel upbeat while to others they are relaxing. The best way to find the medicine and energies that synchronize well with you is to experiment with these things individually. If you try out a new herbal tea, drink it by itself, not in a blend. If you want to try meditating with a new crystal, use it by itself, not on jewelry or a grid. When you get to know different objects and their energies individually, it gives you more knowledge and power to use them in different ways. Always follow your intuition, and feel the energy deeply.

Much love, blessed be.

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