Red. A dark, deep firey red builds up from the heart and spread to the toes, hands and mind. Body starts to shake and you start to feel sick.


Anger is a funny feeling. I grew up angry. I was angry all the time. Maybe it was lack of love or maybe it was the childhood violence, but I was always angry. Every little thing that happened I got angry about it.

Then one day, my therapist said something that really stuck: "Anger is just a surface feeling. There is always a root emotion under anger."

So I realized that under my physical rage, was saddness. Brokenness. Confusion.

I decided to start healing, and to do that I had to reprogram my mind(and am still doing so).

Now, instead of falling under the spell of Anger I let it be. I acknowledge it, and try to find the root emotion that is underneath it. After that I address that root emotion and the anger fades away.

This isn't something that is easy or happens quickly, like all healing it takes time and practice.

Realizing the symptoms of anger before explosions is a good way to help diffuse the rage.

Another thing that can help is to never bottle up or push down any feeling. Anger often happens from a lot of emotional build up, and it all boils over. Letting yourself feel all of your emotions when you feel them is a way to prevent so much anger.

I love you all and hope you have a beautiful day!

Blessed Be.

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