Altar Spaces

An altar is a sacred space. It can be made for many reasons. From worshipping a God or Deity, to honoring a holiday, person, the five elements, and many other reasons. There are altars in churches and Holy places all around the world!

So, what goes into making an Altar?

Altars can be as small as a section on a table, or they can be as big as whole rooms! It's up to you to decide where to put your sacred space.

First, decide what intention the altar should be made with and honor that.

Then, find a space for it where you feel is right and decorate it!

For example, I have a personal altar on top of my dresser. The intention for this altar is to honor myself and my family in our home. Upon it I have several candles in different colors to enhance those colorful emotions, crystals, a crystal grid layed on top of a wood burnt board, many plants, my husband and I also have our Besoms(brooms for cleansing) on it as well as some pictures of us.

I also have another Altar on a different table for a person deity. This altar has plants(of course, I'm a crazy plants lady) and crystals, as well as a metal Moon, candles, and bones. All of these items correlate to the deity I provoke on this Altar.

Altar spaces should be kept clean to avoid stagnant or negative energy build up. They can change as much as you do! As you grow and shift, so will your sacred spaces. Altars are outward expressions of our spiritual growth. They don't have to stay the same for long, nothing does!

Setting up an altar is quite fun and redecorating it can be a relaxing yet very creative expression. Let your energy flow into a beautiful space you design for yourself!

Have a beautiful day!

Blessed Be.

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