Updated: Aug 18, 2019

For a very long time humans have pondered what the "Afterlife" is. The Egyptians spent their lives preparing for it, and this preparation has persisted. Almost every religion has a image of the afterlife set up. Some believe there is a paradise you may go to as long as you are a good person in life, and a bad place if you are a bad person.

It has taken me many years and many paths to actually understand what I feel about the afterlife. My perception of this may be a little confusing, so bare with me if you can.

First off, I believe in planes. Planes being different dimensions of reality, each vibrating at different frequencies. Think of it like each dimension is a string, and there are an infinite number of strings all criss-crossing and going everywhere.

So we are here, on Earth, vibrating at about 25 Hz(hertz, the measurement used for electromagnetic waves, sound waves, etc.)

Then, I believe in higher plants, vibrating at much faster rates than us which I would categorize as the Celestial planes. Of course with that there are lower planes, vibrating at slower frequencies, called the underworld planes. You can see the correlation between this nomenclature and that of the Christian religions. We reside in the Earthly planes.

As I began my studies for Past Life Regression Therapy, I learned about different Afterlife realms, I feel can be connected the Celestial planes. So my idealogy, is that within the Celestial planes there are other realms such as the Thought realm, Emotional realm, and more. Also, within the Underworld there are different realms and levels(think of Dante's inferno).

I also believe in Reincarnation and karma. We don't just live once in a human body, die and go to the celestial realms right away. We are reincarnated several thousand times to increase our souls experiences and vibrations. This involves a lot of karma and karmic debt. If you killed someone in a past life, you will be killed in a different life to balance out the debt. If you eat meat like cows, then you will be a farmed cow in another life. The cycle goes on until karmic debt is less to none. Through this we learn our lessons and increase our souls vibrations. Eventually we will be able to decide were our soul is reincarnated next. Of course our lessons never really end, but they may not be here on Earth, or in the Earthly plane at all.

One last thing I will touch on, is a very good point an old teacher made for me. If you think of "God", "The Universe", "Consciousness" or whatever else you'd like to call it, as all pervading, that means that the entire multiverse is inhabited. Inhabited my life, because God Consciousness is all pervading. My beliefs about "why" we can't see life on Mars is because the life there is vibrating at such a different level we simply can not perceive it. Our eyes are not only conditioned, but the cones in our brains are just not opened enough for that. All pervading must also mean that there is life on the Sun, and other places we feel life can not exist, but that's because our frequencies limit us. We have no idea what other kinds of life are out there, let alone life vibrating at such drastic frequencies compared to us.

I hope you find this post useful, have a blessed day!

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