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*Into the Deep online healing event is for June 7th! We will be journeying into the subconscious mind for healing. Get your ticket under the Events tab!
*I have started a new platform with educational videos, PDF documents, monthly benefits, herbal care packages, live events and more. Please go to

Hello beautiful souls! Welcome! I am now offering a Reiki Pool event for free, where you can sign up to get Reiki sent to you! The next Reiki Pool is May 23rd,  head to the events page to sign up!

I also now have Incense, Cleansing room sprays, altar boxes and Flower Essences in the shop, as well as "Courses" on healing! Check those out and let me know what you think!

Simultaneously, Herbal Tinctures for balancing energy are on their way! Stay tuned for the progress!


Our Philosophy

"Everything in life is vibration." - Albert Einstein

There is actually no solidity in the universe. What appears as matter is just from the underlying vibrations. Because of this, knowing one's energy is crucial to understanding the source of one's vibration. Chakras are spiraling energy centers of the body. There are really thousands of them, in each being. Everyone is a channel of spiraling, shifting energy. Our energies can easily become imbalanced in this day and age, so it is up to us to continually heal ourselves and lift our vibrations. 

Rising Moon Apothecary strives to help you realize your true nature. Our handcrafted herbal and vibrational extractions along with our services is all for you to become more connected. Connect to your inner resource using Earths abundant resource of plant spirit medicine, and universal energy. Allow yourself to open up to the powers within you, connecting you to the Earth and other beings. The healing starts with you, but it extends out of that! 



Rising Moon Apothecary offers a range of healing modalities to choose from. Essences, journaling and reading, meditation, healing ceremonies, events, and more. 

Taylor is a certified Reiki healer and Meditation teacher. She has also completed 1,000 hours of Herbalism study with the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Having gone through a difficult childhood and trauma, Taylor strives to help others heal themselves.



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